About Us

Globalenterprisestours is a professional trade company created with the primary purpose of promoting European destinations.. The company specialises in providing competitive and superior quality tours to independent travellers, whether private or in a custom group, through a diverse brochure of tour programs and packages, including chocolate, beer, and cuisine and sightseeing.

The company is also an adept of the tailor-made travel, customizable to suit the need and preferences of the clients and therefore organizing tours as well in Bruges, Gent, Salzburg or in international destinations, such as Nepal.

The founding members recognized the international need of getting a local insight while exploring a new city, but also the touristic potential or the unseen parts or hidden treasures. Globalenterprisestours has become synonymous with quality tours and first class personal service. This is complemented by the wealth of knowledge and expertise of its consultants. Today, Globalenterprisestours represents one of the biggest tour providers in Europe, with more than 20,000 tourists every year, and accounts for a sizeable proportion of the tour operator market in Europe but also the U.S.

Our vision: collect moments not things.


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